Having a patio can make an extra space for you to entertain guests, or an area to relax in.

A quality and well built patio can add value to your home and add a contemporary feel. We provide all services that can accessory your patio space. Materials we use are all from companies that we have full trust in.

Why Improve your Patio

The appearance and quality of exterior paving can give walkways and entertaining areas a range of styles, as well as improving bland lawn-space and ending muddy paths. Patios and paving are critical to the first impression any property makes whether the effect is quiet and discreet, classical, natural or artistic.


All products we use are from companies that we have 100% trust in.


Paths define garden borders.

Direct foot traffic in a preferred direction.

Add visual interest to the landscape.

Draw people into a garden or landscape.

Introduce a hardscape material into a garden.

We build door steps to fit in with your driveway and path design.

Garden steps can be installed into your garden and are ideal if you have a sloped or uneven garden.  Steps and pathways can also divide a garden into sections.

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We can build walls of any shape and size.

Walls are a more permanent structure and require little maintenance.

They make an ideal boundary for a property and make it more private.

As well as privacy, a wall around the garden can provide a safe area for children to play in or to keep pets in.

There are a variety of different materials to choose from when designing a path.

For main entrances and very high traffic you need to use firm but subtle materials.

Materials like loose gravel and whimsical designs work well for garden paths, but don’t usually work for main entrances or driveways.

The materials used for the driveway can be continued in the same theme for paths and patios.



  • Install paths

  • Install patios

  • Install steps

  • Install walls

  • Removal

  • Maintenance

  • Colour match

Natural Stone

Natural stone is usually considered the most desirable of all landscape surfaces.  It’s hard to beat the beauty of natural stone.  You can find stone to match almost any mood you’re trying to create.

If you want your walkway or garden path to feel like it’s part of the landscape, then natural stone is your best choice.

We also build patios using Indian Stone Paving.